• Established DAIKIN Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Developed Anti Vibration Clutch Disc
  • Developed Coil Spring Clutch Cover



  • Relocated Headquarters to Neyagawa City, Japan
  • Developed DSP Type Clutch Cover
  • Developed Damper Clutch Disc
  • Developed our first Sports Clutch
  • First International Office. Chicago, USA



  • Established DAIKIN RM (Now DYNAX)
  • Opened our second factory in UENO, Japan
  • Developed our first Torque Converter
  • Started to produce AT friction & AT Inner Components
  • Established DAIKIN Clutch USA



  • Opened plant in Kawagoe, Japan
  • Developed the Pull Type Clutch Cover
  • Developed the Silent Type Clutch Disc
  • Developed the DST Type Clutch Cover
  • Developed the Metal Type Clutch Disc
  • Established DAIKIN Clutch Europe Ltd. (Now EXEDY Clutch Europe Ltd.)



  • Developed Unity Type Clutch Disc
  • Developed Ultra Fibre Friction Facing
  • Changed Corporate Name to EXEDY Corporation
  • EXEDY Corporation Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange
  • Developed Formula 1 Clutch
  • Developed Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Developed WAD Clutch Disc



  • Developed Hyper Series Clutch
  • Developed Moto GP Clutch
  • Developed LPEC Clutch Cover



  • Developed Low-Speed Lock Up Torque Converter
  • Developed Various Friction Clutch Disc
  • Moved to New Headquarters in Osaka, Japan


Present Day

  • 44 Companies Globally
  • 18000+ Staff Members